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Oduševio poznate crtežima, ali žene tvrde da je on sam po sebi umetničko delo


Ostavi podatke i saznaj pre drugih sve informacije o Survivoru

(foto: Instagram/tonimahfud)

Toni Mahfud je privukao pažnju brojnih poznatih ličnosti na Instagramu svojim neverovatnim crtačkim darom, pa su ga tako, između ostalih, lajkovale i Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Adele…

Međutim, koliko god njegov talenat bio fascinantan (a osim crtanja bavi se fotografijom, modelingom i zarađuje od ličnog bloga), njegovi pratioci se slažu u jednom: On je sam po sebi umetničko delo.

„Ni Mikelanđelo te ne bi bolje izvajao ili naslikao da mu neko da zadatak da prikaže Apolona“, glasi samo jedan od komentara, a mi moramo da se složimo sa njim.

Ne sumnjamo da ćete uživati u narednim fotografijama.

Beach day? ???

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I know this is just social media, I know this is just a picture of me in a shirt saying to stop the war. I know this may not end anything. But I also know, that I reach a lot of people and this is what matters. If you don’t even try little things, nothing ever will change. This is our one life, we don’t know what is gonna happen in our afterlife, but we do can control what can happen right now. So please just think of that. There is not need for hate. There is need for more love for each other. Stay with your family and friends and be grateful to have them. Think about the future and about yourself, never compare yourself with others!!!! Think what you can do better, and try your best. With bad things, hopefully good things are coming in return. Think about the real things in life… I noticed with Instagram and all the social media people do forget what is really important in life. Fame is not important, neither how many followers you have on an app. Don’t waste too much time to focus on unneeded things in life, if you’re pushing yourself to get something you will never reach them. Things will come, and things will go. I know this is coming from someone who does have a lot of followers on social media, but I NEVER had in mind of getting followers or being „famous“ I just loved the idea to share what inspires you, and telling stories out from your mind with people all over the world, and so i did over the years. I’m grateful I’m with my family and few dear friends. People are dying everyday for nothing. They are being killed for their skin color, for their religion.. Open your eyes.. Nobody is looking through the persons body nowadays anymore. Just felt the need to tell you all this since i was quite off for a long time now, because i was doing a little trip with my family. #stopterrorism #stopwars #morelove #bethechange

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Random fact but: first shirtless photo in 2015 (and ever on Insta lol) 35weeksago #throwback #2015 #losangeles

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