Verovali ili ne: Ovaj momak je jeo 10 hiljada kalorija dnevno – i smršao!

Brandon Pickup bio je gojazni tinejdžer, ali je poželeo da svoj višak kilogrma pretvori u mišiće i postane snažan, pa je inspiraciju potražio na Instagramu.

Posle 18 meseci kasnije, ovaj 22-godišnjak je skinuo 57 kilograma i sada radi kao lični trener koji je svojom transformacijom motiviše druge.

Naime, Brendon je naišao na informaciju da najjači čovek na svetu Edi Hol jede 12.500 kalorija tokom dana.

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. If you feel its about time you back up what your saying to yourself day in day out…

Gepostet von Brandon Pickup am Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2020

Hteo je iste rezultate pa je počeo šest dana u nedelji da diže tegove i svakodnevno konzumira 8.000 do 10.000 kalorija.

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*7 and a half stone/110 pound weight loss transformation in 9 months* Yes, I was over 300lbs. Yes, change is probably one of the hardest things a person can do. Yes, i was force feeding myself. Yes, In 2 years I put on more than 5 stone from doing so. Yes, looking back now I was depressed and unhappy because of it and due to many other reasons, and it hit home for me in January of this year when my dad basically died and then was brought back to life, couldn’t describe the emotions or what I was feeling, all I know, is that moment and time with the whole family changed me and my way of thinking for good. No, Ive never had a trainer. No, Ive never taken steroids. No, I wasn’t on no magic diet. No, I didn’t think I’d end up the way I did over 300lbs. BUT I made a decision, took action, reminded myself of the start of the year in January and how one person can just go when we least expect it, especially the closest people to us, and whenever i felt like giving up I compared my situation to my dads situation, I have food, comfort with all my family around, I’m healthy, then he’s layed there with a pipe in the side of his neck squeezing everyone of our hands fighting for his life, fast forward 9 months and he’s the one behind the camera taking the photos below training together everyday, happy days ❤️ #transformation #weightlossjourney #family #christmas #love #gymmotivation #purpose #boxing #motivation #myprotein #bodybuilding #powerlifting #believeinyourself #dontgiveup #chestday #backday #legday #ultraflexnormanton

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“Znao sam da želim da postanem snažan i nije me bilo briga kako će to uticati na moje telo. Inspirisali su me Eddie Hol i još par bodibildera koje sam pronašao na Instagramu. Prejedao sam se jer sam bio opsednut željom da postanem mišićav”, otkrio je za Pickup za Metro.